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2018 -
Feb Equipment Supply : Piriou Vietnam / Liza FPSO Sbm DM / Liftboat (Hull: A3001)
2017 Aug Equipment Supply : LPG DungQuat Shipbuilding
Apr Equipment Supply : AHTS DungQuat Shipbuilding
Mar Equipment Supply : 6,500dwt White Tanker (Hull: H7109)
Equipment Supply : 26,000cbm FPSO (Hull: H1028)
Feb Equipment Supply : 6,500dwt White Tanker (Hull: H1151)
Jan Equipment Supply : P68 Petrobras FPSO
2016 Nov Mediating Owner : 26,000cbm LNG Floating Storage Re-gasification Unit
Equipment Supply : 3,500dwt White Tanker (Hull: H1148-1150)
Oct Equipment Supply : FSO Ailsa 11-1120 Maersk Culzean
Sep Mediating Owner : Egina FPSO Towage Service
May Equipment Supply : 32,000dwt Multipurpose Vessels (Hull: H1011, H1012
Apr Mediating Owner : Catcher FPSO Forward Tera Block TransportationService
Mar Equipment Supply : 17,500dwt Product Tanker (Hull: H1018, H1019)
2015 Oct Mediating Owner : Jangkrik FPU Towage Service
Jun Equipment Supply : 5,000BHP ASD Tug (Hull: PX1060, PX1063)
Equipment Supply : Gina Krog FSO Conversion (Hull: 1120)
May Equipment Supply : 20,000TLC Floating Dock (Hull: NP8011)
Mar Equipment Supply : 5,000BHP ASD Tug (Hull: PX1056, PX1057)
Mediating Owner : HHI 2500 Derrick & Pipelay Barge Towage Service
2014 Aug Equipment Supply : 3,600BHP ASD Tug (Hull: PX1058, PX1059)
Jul Mediating Owner : HHI Goliat FPSO Trial Service
May Mediating Owner : SHI INPEX Ichthys CPF Towing & Position Keeping Service
Equipment Supply : 4,000BHP ASD Tug (Hull: PX1037, PX1053)
Apr Equipment Supply : Swiber Derrick Crane Barge Kaizen 4000
Mediating Owner : STX Gaza FSO Towing Services
Feb Agency Agreement for Towage, Transportation & Installation, Marine Transportation
  Act as Korea Representative of POSH Terasea Pte Ltd, Singapore
Jan Equipment Supply : LER Mod.13 & Storage Bldg Mod.22 (Dyna-Mac / FPSO Shell Stones)
2013 Dec Equipment Supply : 4,000BHP ASD Tug (Hull: PX1033, PX1035)
Oct Equipment Supply : Topside LER (Dyna -Keppel Subic / SPEX Malampaya Phase 3)
Sep Mediating Owner : Escort Assistance to Capesize Bulker
Jun Equipment Supply : Well Intervention Semi-Submersible Unit (JSPL / Helix 11572)
May Equipment Supply : LQ in Drillship (JSPL / DRU)
Equipment Supply : 3,600BHP ASD Tug (Hull: PX1029, PX1030)
Apr Equipment Supply : Topside Local Equipment Room (Dyna-mac / SBM Ngoma)
Feb Mediating Shipyard : Consulting PT. Menumbar Kaltim Shipyard Expansion
Jan Equipment Supply : 3,600BHP ASD Tug (HNO. PY1027, PY1028)
2012 Nov Equipment Supply : Jack Up Module Unit (HNO. BS P-Champion 7)
Equipment Supply : 4,000BHP ASD Tug (HNO. PY1025, PY1026)
Mar Mediating Package & Equipment Supplier : 12,900 DWT Deck Cargo Vessel (3 Ships)
Jul Mediating Owner : 2,400BHP Towing Tugboat & 330FT Barges (6 ships)
May Equipment Supply : 3,600BHP ASD Tug (HNO. PY1013/1015/1016/1017)
2011 Nov Commissioning & Consulting : 4,500 CBM Ethylene Carrier (HNO. EG4500-B03)
Equipment Supply : 53,000DWT Bulk Carrier (HNO. HR54-NTA02)
Jun Development & Quality Controller for Casting Factories in Vietnam
Equipment Supply : 53,000DWT Bulk Carrier (HNO. HR54-NTA02)
May Co-operation Agreement : C Ships, Dubai
Mar Equipment Supply : 3,300DWT Multi Purpose Carrier (HNO.14 & 15)
Feb Equipment Supply : 14,600DWT Cement Carrier (HNO. NSCC-02)
Jan Agency Agreement for Ship Repair, Conversion & Upgrade, Newbuildings
  - PaxOcean Engineering Zhoushan Co Ltd, China
2010 Nov Equipment Supply : 9,200DWT MPC Container Carrier (HNO. 9200-RSBK 03)
Equipment Supply : Farmosa Product Brick Tanker Repair
Equipment Supply : 29M 2200BHP Towing Tugboat (HNO. PTSC 04)
Jul Commissioning Consulting Contract : 4,500 CBM Ethylene Carrier (EG4500-B01)
Equipment Supply : 4,400 BHP ASD Tug (HNO. PY1009 & PY1010)
Jul 12,900 DWT Deck Cargo Vessel (2+2 ships)
  - Full Package Equipment and Material Supplier
  - Basic Design Supply
  - Owner's Supervision Consultant
May Chartering Brokerage Service : Towage of Floating crane
Feb Mediating Owner : 1,500,000 BBLS FSO by Samsung Heavy Industries
2009 Jul Establishment of KNC VIETNAM in Vietnam
Apr Commissioning Contract : 6,500TEU Container
Commissioning Contract : 97,000 DWT BC
Lay-up Service                : 6,500 TEU Container built by Hanjin HI
Jan Commissioning Contract : 8,700DWT Chemical Tanker
2008 Dec Commissioning Contract : 97,000 DWT BC
Nov Establishment of KNC Commissioning team in Busan - KNC ENGINEERING Co Ltd
Commissioning Contract : 170,000 DWT BC
Oct Full Package Supplier and Technical Consultant :
  - 60 Tons Port Tug Boat, Venezuela (4+2 ships)
Apr Establishment of KNC MARINE Korea Office in Busan
Mar Exclusive Supplier & Legal Consultant : Turkish shipyard
  - 25,000 DWT BC (2 ships)
2007 Dec Mediating Owner : 57,700 DWT PC (4 ships)
Nov Full Package Equipment Supplier : 4,500 CBM Ethylene Carrier (4 ships)
Mediating Owner : 73,700 DWT PC (4 ships)
Sep Mediating Charter Contract : 16,000 DWT BC for 2 years
May Mediating Owner and Techical Consultant : 57,700 DWT BC (6 ships)
Feb Establishment of KNC MARINE Pte Ltd in Singapore
Mediating Owner, Legal and Technical Consultant : 13,000 DWT PC (8 ships)
2006 Mar Package Supplier : 50,000 DWT PC (4 ships)
2005 Dec Establishment of KNC SHIPPING Pte Ltd in Singapore
Equipment Supplier and Technical Consultant : 47,000 DWT PC (4 ships)

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